Beansprouts Day Camp

At Beansprouts’ Day Camp, we believe that all the elements of a memorable, meaningful summer are there inside of every child.  Children are full of imagination, energy, curiosity, excitement, and the capacity for friendship.   What we do is provide the opportunities, companions, resources, games, and free space and time for these elements to emerge.

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Our camp Programs

Beansprouts Day Camp serves children entering our 2s program in the fall of 2019-2020 through 5th Grade. We have a variety of full and half day program - click below to learn more!

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With our balanced summer schedules at Beansprouts, campers get back to the basics — without screens. They spend quality time with friends, connect over common interests and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in activities ranging from arts & crafts, nature, sports, science experiments, gardening, swimming and more.

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Our Day Camp

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