Why were excited for summer 2019

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Making New Friends

At Beansprouts, campers are destined to make incredible friends. This summer, join a warm, inclusive community in the heart of Park Slope, and make memories to be cherished for life.

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Amazing Leadership

Here, campers are 110% taken care of. Our Beansprouts staff members are not only friendly, compassionate people, they are talented mentors who instruct and inspire.

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Instructional Swim

Learning to swim or training for the 2030 Olympics? We’ve got you covered. Our swim program, led by our very own Beansprouts Aquatics Director, is designed with every child in mind - whether it be their first time in the pool, or their 1,000th.

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Camp Traditions

From our special themed weeks, to parties, to our camp wide Olympics - traditions at Beansprouts are what our campers talk about all year round.

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Camp Family

Beansprouts is a place where friends become family. Our campers range from 2 years through 5th grade, and many campers grow up right in front of our eyes! With such an age range, there's also the opportunity to have our actual family at camp too! Nothing quite like rooting for a big brother or sister during the camp Olympics!

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Unrivaled Facilities

We love making messy art projects and running through sprinklers in our award-winning, private yard. Campers also have access to their own fully stocked classrooms with AC - because, ya know, it gets a little hot in the summer.

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Camp Athletics

Our skilled coaches instruct campers in weekly soccer, as well as a diverse range of sports, at any level. While we hone our skills, teamwork and sportsmanship are always at the forefront of what we do.

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Ice Cream Truck

Every Friday, we cool down in the big yard with our very own ice cream truck. Campers face the challenging decision of whether or not to add rainbow or chocolate sprinkles to their cone. It’s a camp favorite that we all look forward to!

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We’ve Got Talent

One of the most exciting activities at camp is our weekly talent show, and at Beansprouts day camp, we have plenty of them! Show off your latest gymnastics routine, sing a song with friends, or tell us a few of your favorite jokes!

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More Than A Camp

Don't miss out on an amazing summer experience. Here you will find enthusiasm, kindness, passion and diversity. We're more than just camp. We're Beansprouts.

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